Terms and Conditions

Pupils and their parents must agree to the Code of Practice before a pupil gets a place on a Yellow School Bus

Pupils and their parents must agree to the Code of Practice before a pupil gets a place on a Yellow School Bus.

You must have a Yellow School Bus pass to ride on the Yellow School Bus and you can only use the bus with the same number as the one on your pass.

Misbehaviour on Yellow School Buses will not be tolerated and pupils may be banned from using the service.

Please note that the bus/type/capacity may change or the service may be re-routed during the course of the year.

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice explains the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in running successful Yellow School Bus services. Have a look at what they are below:

Children agree that

  • Be at the pick-up point before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and wait for the bus on the pavement well back from the road.
  • Have their passes ready for the driver.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before trying to get on or off.
  • Wait until the bus had moved off before crossing the street.
  • Sit in a seat and fasten their seat belt quickly for the entirety of the journey.
  • Not distract the driver.
  • Not smoke, eat or drink on the bus.
  • Not act in a way which is dangerous to themselves, or anyone else.
  • Treat the driver with respect and follow their instructions.
  • Not leave litter on the bus.
  • Have consideration for other passengers and not use offensive language. If a child’s behaviour is unacceptable to the driver or other children, or endangers other people the driver can legally insist the child leaves the bus and can ask the Police to enforce this.
  • Behave appropriately. Bad behaviour will lead to a child being temporarily or permanently excluded from the Yellow School Bus service.
  • Take care of the bus. Causing damage to the bus will result in the child or his/her parents/guardians having to pay the bus company for the cost of repairs and could also lead to prosecution.
  • Report any dangerous behaviour by other children to their driver, parents/guardians or teachers. Remember, serious misbehaviour could lead to the bus company withdrawing the service where it cannot be run safely.

The parents and guardians agree to

  • Help their children know and follow the safest route and use appropriate crossing places between home and the pick-up point.
  • Remind children to conduct themselves appropriately at pick-up points or on buses. by;
    • Waiting for the bus to pull away before crossing the road
    • Not crossing immediately in front of or behind the bus
    • Never opening any door on the bus except in an emergency
    • Never throwing anything out of the bus window
    • Not distracting the driver, for example by fighting or shouting
      on the bus
  • Make sure children have the correct money or ticket, and all passes with them and ready for the driver.
  • Ensure their child knows what to do if the bus is late or does not arrive.
  • Make sure their child is aware of the financial consequences of vandalism on the bus. Payment to the bus company for any damage caused by a child will be the parents/guardians responsibility.

Yellow School Bus drivers agree to

  • Follow the scheduled route and timetable, stop at all designated points to pick up and drop off children, and notify their bus company if there are any problems in adhering to the timetable.
  • Ensure that each passenger has a valid boarding card with a photographic ID (either Igo card or free school travel pass.
  • Make sure each child is sitting in a seat.
  • Maintain a courteous and professionally detached relationship with children and treat them with
  • Report any incident of misbehaviour. If needed, assistance from bus company staff, the school or the Police will be sought and as a last resort, may lead to the Police evicting the child/children concerned.
  • Check for lost property at the end of each journey and hand any items found to the school as soon as practicable.
  • Approach each pick-up point slowly and with care, and not brake sharply. Wherever always pick up and set down children onto the pavement.
  • Keep the doors closed until the bus is at a complete standstill and do not allow children to open or close the doors of the bus.
  • Always wait for several seconds before closing the door and use nearside mirrors to check for latecomers trying to board before pulling away.
  • Not leave the pick-up point until all children are seated.
  • Make sure that all children are well clear of the bus before moving off.
  • Ask an adult to act as a guide if it is necessary to reverse the bus, activate the buzzer and only reverse before setting down, or after picking up, children.
  • Co-operate with the school over arrangements for circulation, parking, picking up and setting down within the school grounds.
  • Make sure luggage is safely stowed and the gangway and emergency exits are not obstructed.
  • Enforce the certified capacity of the bus and follow the Highway Code at all times.
  • Not to smoke at any time on board the school bus or use a mobile phone while driving the bus.

The schools agree to

  • Reinforce the rules for safety on buses and encourage children who use the bus to understand and remember that unruly behaviour when boarding, alighting, during the journey or around the stationary bus, can lead to accidents causing serious injury or death to themselves or other road users.
  • Effectively deal with any child who is unruly on the yellow school bus and work with the bus company, Transport for Greater Manchester and parents and guardians when behaviour problems occur.
  • Agree contingency plans with operators and Transport for Greater Manchester in case of bad weather or other emergencies.
  • Provide adequate supervision at school set down and pick up points, and inform operators of any special parking arrangements at the school.
  • Liaise with the Police to make sure that private cars do not obstruct bus stops outside schools and request parents/ guardians who collect their children from school by car to park well away from the bus stops.
  • Although operators should contact us please inform Belle Vue if the bus does not run or does not run on time.
  • Consult with Transport for Greater Manchester at an early stage when considering a change to school start or finish times.

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