IGO Pass

How to apply for or renew your childs pass

How to Apply or Renew

To use a Yellow School Bus a child must have a Yellow School Bus pass for the specific service they will use.

To apply for a pass or renew an existing pass you must complete the application form online via the application/renewal portal on the TfGM website at:


Upon completion of your application/renewal receipt of your document is shown by the automated acknowledgement tab on the submission page. Please ONLY complete one application/renewal proforma as duplicates may result in your application being deleted by the automated system.

We recommend applying for your Yellow School Bus pass early. Passes will be posted to you before the start of the new school year. Applications received during the school year will be processed within five working days of us receiving them.

Transport for Greater Manchester will continually review the use and if children become infrequent users we may reallocate the seat.

You must have an ‘igo pass’ to buy tickets to use Yellow School Buses. Application forms for an ‘igo pass’ are available at www.tfgm.com/igo or from Travelshops, at main bus stations in Greater Manchester. Please allow time for your ‘igo pass’ to be processed.

Tickets and Fares

Children can pay the driver the concessionary fare for each Yellow School Bus journey. The fare varies according to the length of the journey. Return tickets are available for longer journeys offering a saving over the cost of single tickets. A £6.50 weekly ticket allows weekday travel on Yellow School Bus and other home to school services. Visit School Services and click on the school district for details.
High school children aged 11 to 15, and 16 year olds in Year 11, must have an ‘igo pass’ to buy and use these tickets. An ‘igo pass’ proves a child’s entitlement to purchase the concessionary fare. See ‘How do I apply?’ on the IGO website. College students aged 16 to 18 inclusive require a Scholars permit from TfGM.

System One Junior,Student and Young Person  Saver tickets allow travel on Yellow School Bus and most other Greater Manchester bus services for one, seven or 28 days.

Children aged 5 to 15, and 16 year olds in Year 11, must have an ‘igo pass’ to buy and use these tickets. Students aged 16 to 18 inclusive require a System One Photocard.