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Looking for a bus or coach for a school trip? You?ve come to the right place. Organising school transport in this day and age is a big job. Obtaining best value, ensuring you buy quality and safety with a driver that is screened and trained requires due diligence. Don?t worry, we cover it all, when others don?t. If you go for three prices off three different operators and buy the cheapest you could be in for a shock! Best value, means obtaining value in the service you receive, the quality and safety of the vehicle you travel on, and the service and professionalism from your driver.

Yellow School Bus Hire v Coach Hire

Hire a Yellow School Bus in between home to school contracts and you will hire it a lot cheaper than hiring a coach. Up to 40% cheaper. This is because the overheads have been covered in the school contract. The down side is you normally cannot leave school on departure until around 09.15am. Depending where you are travelling to you will have to prepare to leave earlier, around 13.30 ? 14.00 depending on location. When we take you back to school we have to return to our contracted schools after 3pm to do the school to home run. The bonus is the hire is inexpensive. The downside is it is limited from 09.15 ? 14.45, which fits in with most school excursion plans.
Hire a coach when requiring to depart school early 08.00-09.00 and return any time in the afternoon/evening without any concern to be back at school. The bonus is the coach is only catering for your excursion, no stress over times or departure if it runs behind schedule. The downside is despite obtaining good value, you are paying for the full days hire of the coach which is far more expensive than a school bus, which has shared operating costs.

Things you should research on a transport operator to ensure they are safe:

What have past passengers thought of the service? What regular clients do your supplier carry? Have they had any business growth indicating a successful service?
Ask your supplier for a copy of their OCRS rating from the DVSA. This is a score sheet indicating the state of the operator?s maintenance record. (It works off a traffic light system, red, amber and green. Red being dangerous, amber requiring rectification and green is good to go. There are numerous categories of green from 00, 0, 1 to 10, 10 being low and 00 (under 1) being high, the highest one can achieve.)
Ask your operator for a copy or ask them their percentage claims rate against policy. This will really show you how good or bad their performance is. Good operators are in the 0 – 60% bracket. 40% is very good, whilst 20% is really good.
Have the drivers been screened, checked and trained in compliance? Should you let your students travel with a driver who hasn?t? (Mmm? ask for proof).
Are there any quality checks with an audit system to ensure compliance?

How we cover all the bases for care free travel packages.

Not checking these things could leave you on a breakdown and stranded at a road side, with your trip in ruins.

Belle Vue specifically work with school and colleges in helping them reduce their transport budgets, ensuring they receive quality vehicles that are safe and driven by drivers that are screened and go the extra mile, ensuring all school trips are safe and fun packed.


Cost Savings

We save money on your transport budget as we operate Yellow School Buses which are government funded and have a lower standing vehicle cost than a coach. We also track all our vehicles and teach our drivers to drive more efficiently, which saves thousands of pounds on fuel. We then pass these savings back to our clients which grows our business. (Our business has quadrupled over the past four years.)



Our modern fleet of vehicles are maintained in house to DVSA standards and are quality controlled to ISO9001 quality status. We?ve invested over £3M in the past year so you can travel on a state of the art vehicle if you wish. We?re safer, cleaner and greener.


High Customer Service

Our drivers are trained in human skills not just transport skills so they connect better with people and have greater relationships with your team. This creates fun and dilutes stress. Your feedback is constantly measured on all transport movements and we make constant improvements to our services based off your feedback. This makes the service continuously improve day after day. Although we cover all the bases with H&S and compliance, we aim to create fun! Don?t all kids (and teachers) want fun on a school trip out?

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